Apartment Details

What are the rents of each apartment? Is it stabilized?

  • Studio - $2,250
  • One-Bedroom - $ 2,695
  • Two-Bedroom - $3,295

The apartments available through the lottery are rent stabilized.

What does rent stabilized mean? Will my rent stay the same?

  • Residents with a rent stabilized lease are protected from free-market increases in rent and have the right to renew their leases at the end of each lease term.
  • The NYC Rent Guidelines Board determines the percentage of allowable rental increases on an annual basis. Over the last five years percentage increases have ranged between 0-3.25% on a one-year lease renewal and 1-5% on a two-year lease renewal.

Is the rent negotiable?

  • No. Rent prices are not negotiable.
  • Rents are not adjusted based on individual household income.

What utilities are included in the rent?

  • Hot water is included in the monthly rent.
  • Residents are responsible for household electricity, which includes electric heating and electricity for cooking. Residents are also responsible for air conditioning and additional services such as internet or cable.

Are any lease incentives being offered?

The following one-time incentives are being offered to the first wave of residents at Vista65:

  • One-month free on a 2-year lease term.

What is the square footage of each apartment?

Below are the average square footages for each apartment (square footage varies by individual apartment)

  • Studio - 427 Sq. Ft.
  • One-Bedroom - 538 Sq. Ft.
  • Two-Bedroom - 886 Sq. Ft.

Are the lottery apartments similar to the market rate apartments?

Yes, they have the same finishes and similar layouts to the market rate apartments.

What are the prices of the market rate apartments?

Unlike the discount rate apartments, the prices for market rate apartments in Vista65 vary from unit to unit. Prices for market rate apartments are generally higher. If you would like more information please get in touch with us and we will connect you with the market rate leasing team.

I would like to tour some of the apartments and amenities. Is it possible to schedule a tour?

  • Yes. Opportunities for building and unit tours will be available to those who can provide proof of application submission from Housing Connect throughout the eligibility review stage.
  • Contact info@vista65lottery.com regarding information for building and unit tours for the Vista65 Lottery.
  • Please do not contact or visit the on-site leasing team, as they will only have information about non-lottery apartments. Use the contact listed above for the most accurate and up-to-date lottery information.

How soon will Vista65 be ready for move-in?

Estimated occupancy for Vista65 will begin in Fall 2023. This is subject to change.

Eligibility Requirements

When is the application deadline?

Please check with info@vista65lottery.com.

What are the requirements to be eligible for this lottery?

Eligibility is based on income and household size for each individual unit type, listed below:

Unit Type Rent Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
Studio $2,250 1 $77,143 $128,570
2 $77,143 $146,900
One-Bedroom $2,695 1 $92,400 $128,570
2 $92,400 $146,900
3 $92,400 $165,230
Two-Bedroom $3,295 2 $112,972 $146,900
3 $112,972 $165,230
4 $112,972 $183,560
5 $112,972 $198,250

Please check with info@vista65lottery.com.

Are income requirements flexible?

No. Income requirements are set by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and are not flexible.

I got an extra large bonus this year and I might be above the maximum requirement for my household and apartment size? Does that mean I don’t qualify?

If you can prove that your bonus is one time-only (not recurring), your lower (or recurring) income may be taken into consideration.

I run my own business. Is my eligibility still measured on GROSS income?

No, if you are an independent contractor and/or run your own business your eligibility is based on your net income after expenses.

What are the asset limits for applicants?

The current asset limit is set at $183,560 for each household

What are considered assets?

Savings in any bank accounts, investment income, sales of property that have been converted to cash. Retirement savings are NOT included in your asset total.

Can I apply for other housing lotteries at the same time?

Yes, you can apply at https://housingconnect.nyc.gov/.

I own a home in New York City. Am I eligible for the lottery?

Anyone owning a home within 100 miles of New York City is not eligible for an apartment available through the housing lottery.

What unit size am I eligible for?

Eligibility for each unit type is based on income qualification and household size. See the chart below for reference.

Unit Type Rent Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
Studio $2,250 1 $77,143 $128,570
2 $77,143 $146,900
One-Bedroom $2,695 1 $92,400 $128,570
2 $92,400 $146,900
3 $92,400 $165,230
Two-Bedroom $3,295 2 $112,972 $146,900
3 $112,972 $165,230
4 $112,972 $183,560
5 $112,972 $198,250

What if I qualify for both a 1-bedroom unit and 2-bedroom unit, but I prefer a 2-bedroom. If contacted to submit documents am I guaranteed my preferred unit?

  • There is a possibility you could qualify for multiple unit types, based on income and household size. You will be able to specify your specific preferences if you are selected in the lottery and your documents are requested.
  • Your preference will be noted, but unit assignment will be based on availability at the time of your document submission request and income qualifications for each unit type.

Does each apartment size have requirements for household size?

Yes. See the chart below for reference.

Unit Type Rent Household Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
Studio $2,250 1 $77,143 $128,570
2 $77,143 $146,900
One-Bedroom $2,695 1 $92,400 $128,570
2 $92,400 $146,900
3 $92,400 $165,230
Two-Bedroom $3,295 2 $112,972 $146,900
3 $112,972 $165,230
4 $112,972 $183,560
5 $112,972 $198,250

Vouchers and Rental Assistance

Can I qualify for this lottery with a CITYFHEPS or HRA voucher?

Please refer to your case manager to determine your eligibility for Vista65. The payment standard listed on your shopping letter, minus the appropriate utility allowance must be equal to or below the asking rent for the specific unit type.

Can I qualify for this lottery with an HPD or NYCHA Section 8 voucher?

  • Please review the payment standards for the unit size you are eligible for and with your case manager to see if you qualify.
  • Note: Possessing a voucher does not guarantee you an apartment in Vista65. You must apply to the lottery and your application must be selected and approved by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the agency administering the disbursement of your voucher benefits.

After The Lottery Deadline

When is the earliest possible move-in date for successful lottery applicants?

The earliest estimated move-in date is January 2024. Please be patient as processing applications takes some time. This date is subject to change.

If I have submitted my application when will I be contacted about the lottery results?

We will contact all applicants after the lottery application period closes to let you know your log number and give you an approximate timeline for further contact.

How many applications have been submitted for the Vista65 lottery? What are my chances?

Vista65 is a brand-new full service building and we expect to receive thousands of applications. Your chances are as good as any other applicant. Application numbers are assigned at random.

How do I check if I applied correctly?

Log into your account on Housing Connect. Click on “Dashboard” at the top of the page and under “My Applications Summary” the project Vista65 will be listed below with the status of “Applied” to the right of the project name.

Can I see the apartments?

Yes. Opportunities for building and unit tours will be available to those who can provide proof of application submission from Housing Connect prior to the application period close and throughout the eligibility review stage.

Can I change my application? (i.e. add/remove household members, change household income, etc)

  • Yes, you can change your profile even after the lottery deadline. Log into Housing Connect and edit your profile as desired.
  • Any updates made to your profile prior to being contacted to submit documentation will be visible to the project manager.

I am experiencing problems with Housing Connect 2.0

Call the HPD helpline at 212-863-7990 or email at nychousingconnect@hpd.nyc.gov.

Once I’m invited to submit further documentation, how long will the process take?

The process after document submission could take approximately 1-2 months. It depends on several factors such as Log Number, organized and complete document submission and legibility of documents.

Log Numbers

What is my Log Number? What does that mean?

  • Your Log Number is randomly assigned by Housing Connect after the application period closes. As long as you have applied by the deadline, your application will receive a Log Number.  Random assignment means that your specific Log Number does not reflect when you applied.
  • Your Log Number determines your place in line for an apartment. Applications are reviewed in order of Log Number from lowest to highest. For example, Log #1 will be the first application reviewed. If your application appears eligible you will be asked to submit documents to confirm the information. If you have Log #800 then there are 799 applications ahead in line for an apartment.

Is there anything that I can do to change my Log Number once it’s assigned?

No. Once you are assigned a Log Number it cannot be changed.

If I have a very high Log Number should I give up on the process?

No. It may take us longer to reach out to you but many of the applicants in front of you in line may not be eligible for their desired apartments.

What happens after I am contacted and told what my Log Number is?

Depending on your Log Number you will either have to wait until the applicants ahead of you are processed or (when it’s your turn) a project manager will contact you through Housing Connect and ask you to provide documentation to confirm your eligibility.

Document Submission

If a project manager contacts me does that mean that I’m guaranteed to get an apartment at Vista65?

  • No. A request for documentation does not guarantee an apartment.
  • When you receive a request for documentation it means that the project manager has reached your Log Number and based on the income entered on your application you appear eligible for an available unit.
  • Your household will still have to prove eligibility, and be approved by HPD.
  • Keep in mind that there may still be other applicants ahead of you in line.

What type of documentation will I need to submit? How can I prepare?

You will be asked to submit proof of income and household member verification documents. Below are some of the documents that you should prepare to submit for yourself and household members:

  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Social Security Numbers (All Household Members)
  • Children’s Birth Certificates (If Applicable)
  • 6 Most Recent Pay-Stubs
  • Most Recent Tax Returns (All Adult Household Members)
  • Most Recent W2s (All Adult Household Members)
  • 6 Most Recent Checking Account Statements
  • 1 Most Recent Savings Account Statement
  • 1 Most Recent Statements from any investment accounts or annuities
  • Copy of current lease agreement
  • Recent Utility Bills (Electricity Gas or Phone)
  • Employment Verification Letter (If Applicable)
  • Statement of unemployment earnings (If Applicable)
  • Proof of Rental Voucher (If applicable)

See full list of HPD required documents here: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/hpd/services-and-information/attachment-h-1c-required-documents.page

Prior to submitting your documents it is advisable for you to review your current lease and the clauses related to early termination as the timing of the process can be somewhat unpredictable.

Can I submit these documents in person?

  • The recommended and preferred method of document submission is online through Housing Connect.
  • If you need to submit documents in person you can do so by requesting and scheduling an appointment through Housing Connect.

What happens after I submit all of my documents?

  • Your documents will be reviewed by a project manager who will confirm what unit type you are eligible for and notify you of unit availability.
  • After your household’s eligibility is confirmed, you will be invited to view available/eligible units to choose from.

I am having trouble uploading my documents through the Housing Connect website. What should I do?

We recommend that you contact Housing Connect directly. For further technical issues we recommend calling their helpline at 212-863-7990. You can also reach them by email at nychousingconnect@hpd.nyc.gov. If your problem persists please contact the Lincoln at Bankside Project Manager at info@lincolnlottery.com about submitting documentation through another method.

After Submitting Documentation

I submitted my documents on Housing Connect (or in person). Now what?

  • A project manager will review the documents submitted. If there is anything missing or additional info is required you will be contacted and asked to provide the specific information within 5 business days in order to complete the eligibility review.
  • Eligibility review takes between 1-3 weeks after initial document submission.
  • Once the review is complete a project manager will notify you of your Eligibility or Ineligibility for Vista65.

If I am eligible, will I have my choice of apartment?

If your project manager has confirmed your household’s eligibility, you will be invited to tour available apartments. Up to 3 apartments will be presented to choose from. The apartment choices will be assigned by your project manager based on your preferences and current availability.

What If I don’t like any of the apartments that are presented to me?

After you are shown the available apartments, you will have 5 business days to confirm your interest. If you choose to forfeit your application or do not contact your project manager by the deadline you will be removed from the list and the apartment will be offered to the next applicant in the Log.

I viewed the apartments and I want to move forward. What next?

  • If you want to move forward with an apartment at Vista65, the project manager will confirm your unit preference and have you sign Tenant Income Certification documents. A background check will be conducted for all adult household members and options for a credit check will be presented to choose from.
  • If everything checks out, your case manager will submit your documents to the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and request final approval.

How long will it take for the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) to approve my application?

It will take between 5 and 15 business days.

My application was approved by HPD. What happens next?

Once approved by HPD your project manager will notify you of when you receive an approval notice from your project manager and HPD your household can now enter into a lease agreement.

Lease Signing

My application was approved by HPD. Can I sign a lease for a future date, say 3 months from now?

  • Once your application is approved by HPD you will have 30 calendar days to enter into a new lease at Vista65.
  • Lease start dates can start anytime of the month. A prorated amount of rent will apply if your lease start does not fall on the 1st of the month.

What lease term options do I have?

You will have the choice between a 1 or 2 year initial lease term.

What costs are due at lease signing?

One month’s rent and a security deposit (equal to one month’s rent) will be due at the time of lease signing.

Will I sign a rent stabilized lease?

  • Yes. Leases signed through the Vista65 housing lottery are stabilized.
  • Residents with a rent stabilized lease are protected from free market increases in rent and have the right to renew their leases at the end of each lease term.
  • The NYC Rent Guidelines Board vote on the percentage of allowable rental increases on an annual basis.
  • Your lease will remain stabilized for a 35 year period from the building’s completion date.

What if I take an apartment at Vista65 at the market rate AND then I find out that I’m selected in the lottery?

If you are already living at Vista65 but are then contacted for the lottery, your current lease terms will be applicable and you will be liable for any lease-break penalties.

General FAQs about Vista65

What features makes Vista65 (amenities) and these apartments (interiors) great place to live?

  • Minutes from the R train.
  • Generous amenities package.
  • Modern upscale finishes and appliances. Brand new building.

Who is the architect?

SLCE Architects

Are the touches/surfaces the same throughout all apartments in the building?

Yes. All the finishes are of similar and equal quality throughout the building.

What is the pet policy?

  • One small pet under 15lb allowed. No deposit or fee is required.
  • Breed restrictions apply.

Does the Building have parking?

  • Yes, garage parking is available.
  • Additional fees apply.

Is laundry present?

There is a shared laundry room. Laundry is coin/card operated.

Is bike storage available?

  • Yes.
  • Fees for bike storage are TBD.

Is regular storage available?

  • Yes.
  • Additional fees apply.

What is the policy on conversions (adding a wall to turn a 1 bedroom into a 2 bedroom)?

Conversions are not allowed at Vista65.

Do all elevators go to all floors?


What utilities are included in the rent?

  • Hot water is included in the cost of monthly rent.
  • Residents are responsible for household electricity, which includes electricity for cooking, heating, and cooling.


What amenities bonuses are being offered to lottery residents?

Only $55 / month for access to the general amenities package.

Are there any restrictions on amenities for our lottery residents or are they treated differently in any way?


What amenities are included in the monthly fee?

Please contact info@vista65lottery.com for more information.

What amenities are at an additional cost?

Please contact info@vista65lottery.com for more information.

What's Nearby?

Subway R, E, and F lines

  • R - 63rd Drive - Rego Park
  • E, F, R - Forest Hills 71st Ave

Commuter Rail

  • LIRR - Forest Hills


  • La Guardia
  • John F Kennedy Int
  • Newark


  • Flushing Meadows Corona Park
  • Forest Park

Grocery Stores

  • Foodtown
  • Costco Wholesale
  • Netcost Market
  • CTown


  • Queens Zoo
  • Queens Museum
  • New York Hall of Science
  • USTA National Tennis Center
  • Forest Hills Stadium
  • Queens Center Mall